CAPTAIN green and red socks for a captain

CAPTAIN green and red socks for a captain

Socks’ instruction manual:

Slide the port (red sock) to the left and the starboard (green sock) to the right. Namely, the port side is on the port side of the ship and is marked with a red navigation light. However, the starboard porter is on the right and is indicated by a green navigation light.

If any of your crew members refer to these two navigation terms, there is no need to panic! Just take an unobtrusive look at your help socks so you know right away how to react and where to look. These socks will help you prove your competence, and so you will soon gain your respect among the entire crew.

Red and green socks for the captain and mate.

Color: green, red
Composition: 80% viscose, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane