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  • Hourglasses in history


    Hourglasses have been useful tools for measuring time for centuries. The history of this ancient invention goes back to the 14th century. The use of hourglasses was widespread until the end of the 16th century, when more precise clock mechanisms began to be used. Today, hourglasses are more used as decorative objects, but they can […]

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  • Sea-themed gifts, nautical fashion, and quotes about the sea

    Ahoy, seadogs, and all the other big and small sea fans!Let’s make one thing clear first, who exactly is a seadog? It is not a golden retriever who loves swimming in the Baltic Sea but an experienced and brave sailor who has spent years and years on waves. You know exactly what comes to mind: […]

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  • This year’s International History Conference of the Maritime Museum will focus on the navy

    This year 1-2. In June, those interested in the history of naval war will be able to get acquainted with the preparations for a potential future war in the Baltic Sea region between the two world wars and discuss the current state of maritime security here. Such an opportunity is offered by a scientific conference […]

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