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This year’s International History Conference of the Maritime Museum will focus on the navy

This year 1-2. In June, those interested in the history of naval war will be able to get acquainted with the preparations for a potential future war in the Baltic Sea region between the two world wars and discuss the current state of maritime security here. Such an opportunity is offered by a scientific conference held in Tallinn by the Estonian Maritime Museum.

“We have taken it as a matter of heart to offer those interested the opportunity to delve deeper into the history of the navy between the two world wars and to draw parallels with the situation of modern maritime security. This is based on good academic practice and with the aim of creating new groundbreaking knowledge. If at the last conference we started working in the field of digitization of underwater cultural heritage, this year we will focus on naval warfare, ”explained Hele Kiimann , Research Manager of the Estonian Maritime Museum .

On the first day of the conference in Tallinn, presentations will be given by experts in naval history from Finland, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In a discussion panel on the second day, naval officers will analyze the current situation in the Baltic Sea region and possible development concepts.

“We consider it important to shed light on the creation of maritime protection in our home region. These are decisions and innovations made a century ago that still affect today and beyond. By dealing with them together, we create a holistic view of the military and maritime era, which has so far been hidden or even inaccessible, ”said Arto Oll (PhD), a researcher at the Estonian Maritime Museum in the field of maritime affairs. 

The conference is entitled “Navies of the Baltic Sea Region in the Interwar Period: Navies, Organizations and Maritime Defense Strategies 1918-1939.” It will be opened by Commander of the Estonian Navy, Commodore Jüri Saska . The first day of the conference will be summarized by a dinner at the Airport’s seaplane hangar.

It is possible to listen to presentations and ask questions in Estonian and English both on site and online. The exact conference program can be found at . It is also possible to register there until 31 May .

The international history conference of the Estonian Maritime Museum is supported by the Estonian War Museum.