The wooden seagull is a lovely piece of decor that will add seaside charm and an enchanting atmosphere to your home. This wooden seagull is an elegant and detailed decoration item that will bring a sea atmosphere and decorate your interior.

The wooden seagull is made of high-quality wood and has a lifelike design. Every detail, from the shape of the wings to the structure of the body, has been carefully designed to imitate the beauty of a real seagull. The natural finish of the wood adds to its uniqueness and creates a warm and natural atmosphere.

This seagull is a versatile furnishing element that can be placed in different rooms. You can use it for example in the living room, bedroom, office or any other place where you want to bring out the theme of the sea or just add a unique decoration. The elegant shape and creative design of the seagull are eye-catching and add style and originality to the room.

A wooden seagull can also be a great gift for sea lovers, nature lovers or those who appreciate elegant and natural decorations. Its beautiful craftsmanship and use of symbols related to the theme of the sea make it a gift that will bring joy and decorate any home.

Dimensions: 10 x 13 cm