“Veealuse maailma õhtuõpik” book

“Veealuse maailma õhtuõpik” book

The purpose of “Veealuse maailma õhtuõpik” is to bring the exciting world of the world’s marine sciences to the reader in an interesting and playful way and to talk about what lies beneath the (water) surface. From the point of view of experts and enthusiasts in their field, you can get acquainted with five disciplines. The book helps to decipher marine archeology and underwater cultural heritage, talking about shipwrecks and much more that can be found underwater. There is also stories of marine geology and marine biology.

Authors:  Arno Põllumäe, Kirill Anjutin, Vladimir Karpi, Liisa Randmaa, Kalle-Mart Suuroja, Kai Salm

Pages: 256

Publisher:  Hea Lugu and the Estonian Maritime Museum

Date of publication: 2020

Language: Estonian