The white fish platter is an elegant item that brings a seaside atmosphere to your table. Inspired by the beauty of marine life, this white fish platter offers a stylish and practical way to serve a seafood meal or decorate your interior.

The white fish bowl is made of high-quality material that ensures its durability and durability. It has a beautiful white finish that adds purity and elegance. You can be sure that this platter will bring out the beauty of food and seafood and create a beautifully set table.

The white fish bowl is not only a practical item, but also an eye-catching decorative detail. It can be used in the kitchen, dining room, living room or any other space of your choice to bring out the nautical style and decorate your home.

This white fish platter can be a great gift for seafood lovers, sea enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates beautiful and stylish kitchenware. Its elegant design and nautical-themed elements make it a gift that brings joy and practicality to any home.

Discover the beauty of the sea and give your table a nautical touch that will enchant your guests!

Measures: 31 x 9 cm